Andrzej Stec – Tenor

andrzej-stecAndrzej Stec is a “tenor, unique in his own”, remarked by “fresh Slavic voice of captivating beauty” recollecting that of his celebrated predecessor Jan Kiepura for the charisma and the beauty of interpretation. Andrzej sings as much in opera as in concert in Canada, United States, Europe and Asia owning two passports, Kozak’s blood, French taste, American dream, Latin temperament, Polish soul and heart devoted to Jesus!

Polyglot and disciple of the greatest tenors of our times such as Kazimierz Pustelak, Corneliu Fanateanu, Neil Schicoff, Vinson Cole, Nicola Martinucci, Claus Ansjö, Andrzej devoted himself to classical singing after years spent in theatre and dance. Associate Professor at Indiana University with a Doctorate from l’Université de Montréal, Andrzej specialized in various repertoires with Robert Sims and Sherrill Milnes in Chicago, Dalton Baldwin in France, Gabrielle Lavigne and Rosemarie Landry in Montréal, Maria Pellegrini in Ottawa, and Marlena Malas in New York.

Master teacher and Artist in demand by festivals, conservatories and orchestras around the globe, Andrzej performs operatic roles ranging from early music to current creations: Arturo, Alfredo, Alfred, Barinkay, Shepard (Szymanowski), Doctor (Lee Hoiby), Don José, Don Ottavio, Fenton, Gabriel (Sylvain Cook, cr. 2013), Nadir, Orphée, Pelléas, Prométhée (Pierre Michaud, cr. 2014), Roméo, Tom (Stravinsky), Tamino, etc.

Hailed as an oratorio soloist (Missa Solemnis, Carmina Burana in Bach’s Cantatas) and esteemed for his recitals of Art Songs, Andrzej became an Ambassador of Stalowa Wola, his native city in Poland in 2011.